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Making Extra Cash from Diabetic Testing Strips

People living with diabetes understand that the condition requires you to monitor it constantly. To aid in this every diabetic is advised to have a kit for testing their blood sugar so that they can be sure that they are living well. Its common to find some people buying different brands of testing kits and once they have developed a favorite the rest of the products are left in storage.

Being that the shelf life of these kits is very short you will have to discard them eventually. The fact is that these items come at a cost . There is a significant number of people that are in need of diabetic testing strips but due to different reasons such as financial constraints and not having insurance they can’t have them. Today there are organizations that have come up to provide the people suffering from diabetics with what they need. The good thing is that you can help someone else that is with diabetes if you have extra strips that you have not opened yet and still good to use.

A diabetes person will accumulate the strips saving them for when they will experience a shortage but at times those which is saved becomes extra much to the point that you can’t use it. Instead of tossing them away you can make extras cash for them actually. If you had a diabetic person that leaves behind a lot of testing kits through either moving to an assisted care living or passing on you could be looking at a lot of boxes of the kits in storage. Apart from those that have been mentioned above there are several reasons why you could be left with good diabetic testing strips in your possessions. If you are the owner of the extra diabetic kits you will not be breaking any law if you sold them to other people.

Even if the boxes come marked as not for sale you can still sell them just not through a retailer it has to be through the hands of the owner. There are some things to ensure that you have in mind every time you are dealing with, they may come off as being obvious but they are things to stick by. Buyers will be very strict with what you are selling, they want a product that has the seal in place any tampering with means that it’s a product that you can’t really trust. Understand the brand that you are dealing with because some brands will not sell as well as others. Expiration will matter a lot when selling diabetic testing strips, check to see that that have some sufficient time before they expire, the reasonable time will be around six months from the time that you are purchasing them.

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