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Steps You Should Follow During Kissing

There are many ways of showing love and affection, the major ways of showing affection are; kissing, offering gifts, using kind words, spending time together, offering help, doing chores together and expressing gratitude. We shall discuss kissing in this article. Kissing is the act of touching one’s lips using your own lips. Objects such as rosaries can also be kissed by pressing lips against them. Respect, devotion, friendship, romance, well wishes, greetings and peace can also be showed by using a kiss. The following are the major types of kisses; forehead kiss, French kiss, kiss on the hand, vampire kiss and earlobe kiss. In order to effectively show love and affection, you need to prepare for a kiss. The following are steps on how to kiss.

First, drop some kissing hints and give some signs. You should never use words in order to request for a kiss, but signs and signals are more effective. The most effective hint is to focus your eyes on your partner’s lips. A compliment about the lips is also effective. Your own lips should also look smooth and appealing therefore you should use some lip balm. Mints and chewing gums will enable you to have a fresh breath. In order to avoid spitting on your partner, please chew the gum in an appropriate manner.

Breaking the barrier is another step in kissing. Before you go for a mouth kiss, please ensure that your partner is interested in it. In order to determine if your partner is interested in kissing, please kiss his/her hand or cheek. A positive reaction is simply a go-ahead in kissing. In case your partner gives a negative reaction, you should not go farther.

The third step is to use some compliments. The compliments will help you to set the mood for a kiss. Good compliments can also make your partner ask for a kiss first. Please use a romantic way when giving the compliments. Good kissers use low volume and suitable tones when giving compliments. Good kissers use compliments such as; “Your smile is irresistible,” “You are gorgeous,” and “You have smooth lips.”

The fourth step is to ask for a kiss by use of word of mouth but only if the first, second and third step have failed. If your hints and signs have not worked, go ahead and request for a kiss. You need to be conversant with polite ways of requesting for a kiss.

The final step is to do the kissing. In case you are given a go-ahead, you should not waste time but kiss your partner. In order to offer a good experience, ensure you have used appropriate king methods. By moving closer, leaning in, kissing appropriately and react calmly afterward, you will emerge a good kisser.

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