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How to Select Amazon Headquarters

Headquarters site selection requires a lot of consideration for the following factors. Picking a company’s headquarters has never been easy whether it involves changing the market or a similar market. Site selection is always very important for any company. Arriving at this decision would require putting into considerations its mission , operations and end goal. Cities have now become competitors for Amazon’s attention. Amazon is a multi-billion dollar company and arguably one of the largest publicly traded companies with over fifty thousand full-time employees. So this should tell you why any city would want to be the host of Amazon second headquarters. Some factors would be considered to pick the best city.

Workforce would be our first factor. Headquarters comes with a lot of job opportunities so its only fair that the city will feel the spaces. The best headquarter location would be the site with a large population. In addition to a big percentage of educated labor. Talent the shortage will lead to cancellation of cities. Talent goes together with labor education. Metropolitan cities with a good number of tech expertise would be considered.

Nearness to an international airport and state incentives would be our next factor. Airport services is a necessity for Amazon. Even a state has a connection to another state’s airport it just would not be considered. Free training resources, income tax credits are some of a state’s tempting offers to Amazon. A company like Amazon that greatly deliveries are the only ones considered in the offers. A company that gives a lot of profit will be able to give more returns to the city even if it has these enticing offers.

Factor number three that Amazon would put into consideration is technology. In order to narrow down on the options, technology is a great way to do that. With advancement in technology, most companies like Amazon depend on it for their business transactions. The headquarter city should be able to make use of the technology in almost all ways. Technology use is broken down into three ways. The number one subdivision would be the use of data then followed by analytic which is the act of leveling up business intelligence platforms and finally visualization which means viewing analytics in real time.

The last criteria would be cost of living. Being a large company it will need to attract a lot of part-time and full-time employees.Both part-time and full-time workers are useful to Amazon. The cost of living would affect how much employees should be paid. Acquiring more profits and less expenditure is determined by the low cost of living. Living cost incorporates everything from food to house rent. So Amazon would consider a city with low cost of living for their headquarters to increase their returns.

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